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Rapid Response Fire Engines Fire Engine by Rapid Response

3W Fire and Equipment Is building one of the lightest Type 3 Fire Engines available. Working with aluminum construction and using the light weight Steyr 110 hp engine, popular in aviation, marine and military applications, provides more power, pressure and capacity per pound than most other Type 3 engines. With skills learned in years of truck bed construction for civilian use costs have been held surprisingly low. Rapid Response Fire Engines represent one of the best capability per dollar ratios in the market.

Constructed by 3W Fire and Equipment in Southern California, USA.

This Type 3 Fire Engine has a front mounted water canon with exterior and interior in cab controls plus a wireless handheld remote control. The Tornado RC’s Nozzle range is 45° below to 90° above the horizon. It includes programmable oscillate and park. The entire canon is on a quick connect fitting.

This Type 3 Fire Engine is a unique design in fire engines. Wildland and urban design features make this one of the most versatile engines available. Whether climbing over rough terrain or squeezing through a parking structure this engine is made for it.

Fire Engine - Type 3

This Type 3 Engine is designed for mobile fire fighting. The front water canon controls and the main pumps controls are duplicated in the cab. Radios, controls and factory 4x4 controls are laid out for easy addition of more radios and equipment. Radios are mounted for easy removal for servicing or replacement. The control design is flexible. 3W will work with you to design the control configuration your department wants for its engine.

Fire Engine Controls

Shown left, the control panel with water canon, pump, and engine controls.

Fire Engine InteriorFire Engine Front Seats

This custom Mega cab provides extra leg room. The doors swing out 90° for fully equipped fire fighters.

AVComm International FREEDOM Wireless™ Blue Tooth Headsets are provided for the Captain & Engineer. Additional AVComm radios are provided for the 3 fire fighters.

Fire Engine Pump & Engine Controls

Engine & Pump

A Steyr monoblock engine and Waterous CPK 3 two stage pump make up the heart of this Type 3 engine.

Steyr engines are used in marine, military, aviation and other applications. Steyr’s injection technology allows exceptional combination of torque and speed. Designed to include marine applications the engines are highly corrosion resistant. Additionally the engines provide quite, smooth power by using a 2-stage injection system. The injection system is powered by the overhead camshaft and uses a self-bleeding electric priming pump. Noise emission over the important operating ranges is less than that of gasoline engines. The mono-block design offers several advantages; homogeneous alloy for reduced wear and precision machining, less vibration and excellent cooling.

Waterous pumps are reputed to be the most efficient pumps available.  Connecting this pump to the Steyr engine rather than low power PTO’s allows it to be fully powered for excellent delivery.

Rear View Fire Engine



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